Be Like Water

Nature has many ways of showing us how to we might choose to respond to such things in our day to day life. Things like our emotions or other peoples, a change, different opinions or ways of doing something, obstacles we might face etc.  Sometimes when we watch moving water, like the flow of a river,  we can see how it meets a rock or boulder in its path. Does it resist? Try to change the boulder? Push at it? The water flows around it, this “obstacle” that is harder and denser than it is. The water stays in its flow and is hardly impeded or slowed down as it moves around the obstacle and continues on its path.

As humans we can find ourselves resisting an obstacle. We might get stopped in our tracks by a situation thinking we need go over it or through it, change it or be stopped. But what if we let the obstacle or “boulder ” stay where it is and just go around it? Even dealing with other people an obstacle might feel like a difference of opinion. What if we chose to let it go, and kindly flow around it? Allowing that there are many things  we might see as obstacles or that get in our way, how we approach it may be the difference between getting wound up and feeling relaxed enough to better assess the situation.   What if we breathed through that feeling, instead of getting stuck, angry, confused or overwhelmed?  We could take a breathe, relax our body, and choose to go with our own flow, focusing on what needs to be done in a positive direction, letting go of the habit perhaps, to resist, fight or get sidetracked?

If we are flowing towards something positive we seek, or just living our daily life, we focus our energy on what we want more of rather than the obstacle. And when we can act like water, maybe that can help release the power of the obstacle for us.


“Put yourself in situations where you thrive.”

What a lovely mantra, or check-in for oneself to take stock, especially in confusing times.  The word to thrive means to flourish or to grow vigorously. We want our plants to thrive. Have we been thinking of thriving in terms of ourselves, our children, the situations we find ourselves? What would thriving feel like? Look like? Do we thrive in certain landscapes or geographies or settings more so than others?

Thriving sounds like it has energy, that the feeling and signs of thriving would be unmistakeable. Why not ask oneself in a time of doubt or confusion, “Am I thriving right now? Do I want to? What do I need to do to thrive?”

Maybe we are thriving and hadn’t thought in those terms before.  Maybe with a slight tweak or the confidence to make a change we could be thriving. Or we now will be on the lookout for situations where we can thrive and make choosing that a priority.


2020 Vision…and Boarding

WOW! 2020. A New Decade!

Sometimes when we approach a fresh adventure, or the beginning of something new, some of us make vision boards. Have you ever made a vision board? It is a creative opportunity to prepare for “new beginnings”  giving thought to what we want for the year or months ahead. At the end of our western calendar year is one opportunity for reflection as we head into a new year and now, a new decade.

There are multiple ways to approach creating a vision board including making it a social time with friends, and together we each work on our own vision board.  Maybe we use a piece of art board as the surface, or a cork board and pin rather than glue, or even use an old picture frame. Some of us like casual, some of us make works of art. Gathering magazines, words, cut outs, certain items collected, whatever materials and messages resonate with us as we think about or visualize our vision for ourselves and our life moving forward. Then we cut, paste, organize pictures and photos based on a what we imagine and want for ourselves. And if the future looks like a clean slate, then maybe there is very little on the vision board, leaving room for what will come.

2020 feels like big year.  Maybe even pivotal for many of us on this earth. Why not take time to vision what we want more of, for and from ourselves this year? And for our loved ones and for our communities.  Who doesn’t want 2020 Vision ? (the joke of the year no doubt.)

Happy New Decade. Vision well.


When someone negatively implies “You are x, y, z”, we are beginning to realize that any attack of sorts can often indicate he/she might actually be x, y, z themselves. It isn’t us at all. Isn’t that interesting? That for eons we may have responded defensively , feeling attacked or criticized in some way, and only upon greater reflection and consideration, realize that what we’ve been accused, may actually be the speaker’s own issues or motivations. They may assume we are like them, so they see what we do or say through that prism, which may be so unlike our own it is hard to fathom. We are attacked for something so contrary to how we see ourselves. Is it hard for a generous person to imagine others would be selfish? Or for a selfish person to imagine others could be generous? Do we have a difficult time imagining others could be motivated differently than us so in a situation where we feel triggered in some way, we project?

Do the kindest among us often find ourselves on the receiving end of the critical and yet also untrue projections of others? And because we are kind we give it consideration, taking it as a potential learning opportunity? It seems we are waking up to the idea that an attack or projection of others is how they “deal/don’t deal” with their own pain and issues. Rather than dealing with the feeling or pain, he/she projects onto someone else and makes them wrong in some way.   The new shift in paradigm, is to reconsider a criticism, or attack, especially when it feels off base and weird.  That behavior can be an indicator of  that person being x, y, z, not us.

We seem at a crazy time on our planet world with more and more people unable to responsibly handle their own emotions and issues. Rather than taking on these projections, we need hand them back. Kindly, yet say something like, “This feels more like projection than how I experience myself or this situation.”

Is there evidence that that is how we are? Have lots of people who know and love us said the same thing? If so, then yes, look at it, consider and contemplate, and even ask for help as to how to be kinder in that area to yourself, and others.

Yet if there is no evidence in your life that you are or act in x, y, or z kind of way,  then it is strongly possible that person is projecting, and “accusing” you of behaviors he/she exhibits or even motivations or even fears that he/she may have. It can be good and helpful information to better understand the projector. Best to breathe, pause, pause, pause, feel clear and kind, and understand it is more about how the projector relates to and sees the world and very little about us.

Meeting People Halfway

“The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway.”— Henry Boye

This quote seems to be describing a human to human way of dealing with one another, one that is broad, good and simple to understand. Nowadays, there seems like many, many theories, paths and trainings available to enhance our awareness and ability to get along. Yet do they? Are the simple humane interactions and practices like meeting someone halfway becoming lost or dropped from our nature?
As humans we seem to be primarily motivated either by our fears and what we fear, or we act from our hearts, trust, love, even when we don’t understand everything. And in the run of a day maybe we will tip back and forth between fear and love, depending how we view the situation?
Yet, when we can reach out to one another from the place of curiosity to learn more so we might better understand our different points of view, well that seems like meeting people halfway. And meeting people halfway seems about the kindest, truest and most humane thing any of us could do for one another. Imagine how that feels to act from that place, and be on the receiving end?
With the turmoil and conflict we can face in relationships, and our greater world, meeting people halfway seems a simple and lovely trip to take.

Heart and Mind

Aging deliciously seems to include acting from one’s heart, that ones heart is the master of our choices, and the mind then serves that master. Meaning that the mind can plan, organize and get us to our goals, yet when our mind is also in charge and deciding all the time, we seem to lose something important, our connection to who we really are.

It can take time, even unlearning and relearning to know what it feels like to be making a heart connected choice or decision. Usually though a heart connected choice feels good, light, sure and even a sense of ease. The mind may have us analyze, weigh, go back and forth, and sometimes what to do isn’t obvious or clear. Yet it seems when we can quiet ourselves down and really ask and listen for the true heart connected answer, the answer can feel clear and relatively simple. When love or kindness motivates a choice, taking in other criteria too, we can experience less angst and more rightness.

Once “heart” has chosen, or we listen and choose from our heart, then our minds can enact the plans and actions necessary to fulfill our decision. And effort can be involved. It may not be smooth sailing, but the path will not be full of suffering and struggle and the effort will be worth it. Trusting our hearts to be the master, and the mind to be the servant is a valuable practice with valuable outcomes in living the path and purpose we are here to enjoy.